Going Grey at 25

Yep, I’m going grey at 25. Two weeks ago when I started planning this blog post I thought it would be obvious if I included pictures. Then, after a trip to my hairdresser we came up with a different plan that includes demi-permanent dye that is a dead-on match for my natural color.

I’m not really surprised to be going grey at my age. I remember very distinctly when my dad told me he started going grey in high school.  So, when I started getting grey hair in college it sucked, but I was slightly prepared.

I’ve love changing my hair, especially using non-natural colors.

Recently I got sick and tired of keeping up with the dye. I’m sure this coincided with this awesome post from How Bourgeois.  So now I’m in a slow progression towards grey. My hairstylist says I’m at about 30% grey already, but it’s concentrated towards the top and front.

Most recently my hair dye preference has been towards red tones. That color is about three inches from my roots and I don’t want to chop it to a pixie cut. The plan is to apply the demi-permanent dye until I feel comfortable with the length to cut out the red dye.  Once that is done I will let the demi-permanent fade out and see what it looks like. Who knows, perhaps I’ll hate it and go back to dying it regularly.


October 2007, longish with pink and black

October 2007. Longish with pink and black

March 2011. Short and Dark

March 2011. Medium and dark

At my wedding in September 2012.

September 2012. Long and light

Reddish long hair. July 2013

July 2013. Long and red

Going from long red to short and purpley

December 2012. From long to short

Short and purpley hair

December 2012. Short and purple-y

30 Percent Grey

April 2014. Medium length and 30% grey


May 2014. Medium length with Demi-permanent dark color. Not a good picture, but I was sick of holding this blog for a good picture

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Blogging, Take 2

Blogging is good for the mind. It allows us to write our thoughts out, become part of a community, explore ideas, establish yourself as a leader in a field, among so much more.

Some days I love the idea of blogging more than the act. Some days I love the act of blogging, but the ideas are lacking. I have a couple plans for some upcoming blogs. My plan is to write a new blog at least every 10 days. It might be long, it might be short, but the plan is for it to exist. It might even be simply a picture that represents what I’m feeling or doing at the time.

Fairly regularly I updated my Twitter and Pinterest, so if you want a more constant insight into what I’m doing, then those are the places to go.

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The Obligatory New Year Post

2013…what an odd number, there was something I loved about the way 2012 looked and felt visually and orally. I have this weird thing about the number three.  So much happened in 2012, like getting married, but I really want to make 2013 an amazing year, despite my aversion to the three.

I only have one resolution: to improve my life. This is both lofty and easy. I plan on doing little things each day, make lifestyle changes and really just focus more on stressing less and being happier more. Some of the little things I want to do are: improve my skin quality by using appropriate products, take a few minutes everyday for myself, and straighten up the apartment a little bit every day.

Wait, straighten up the apartment every day?

That’s right! My husband and I have had a perpetual argument about cleaning pretty much since we started living together in October 2010. He doesn’t think about cleaning and it can be hard to convince him to clean the whole apartment on a weekend day, so we devised a plan for almost every day that will maintain everything. We set the days up so that there are “easy” days interspersed.

Cleaning Schedule

I’m having some trouble with the scaling within this post. Go ahead and click the image to see it larger…you know you want to 🙂

We were really good about sticking to this in the first two weeks. Then the holidays and the stomach flu hit. Tomorrow, we plan on getting the apartment straightened back to square one and continue this plan on Saturday. I hope this goes well because I know it will contribute to an overall beneficial sense of well-being.

I got a myriad of amazing skin and makeup products in the last couple weeks and I am having a blast learning how each works with my skin. In an upcoming blog I will be discussing some of my “new” favorite products.

Just like almost every other person I want to work out more. I am lucky because the apartment complex I live in offers several exercise classes a day that seem like they are interesting and varied. My hope is to start with two classes a week for three weeks, three classes for the next three weeks and then up to at least four classes after that.

Oh shoot…that was a concrete resolution. C’est la vie.

Here’s to an amazing 2013! I hope it goes amazing for all.

❤ Bridgy

(In)Civility on the Internet

Yesterday in my Ethics of Mass Communication graduate class we had several student presentations on civility on the Internet. I definitely agree that there is an extreme lack of civility online and it reminded me a little about my senior seminar paper.

For my senior seminar paper (turned in about 2.5 years ago…wow!) I researched the “Uses and gratifications of SMS text messaging.” [side note: SMS turned 20 just recently, but is slowly disappearing. The research in this paper does also apply to other forms of texting.] My paper focused on why people turn to this type of computer-mediated communication (CMC). I looked into what happens when new technology is substituted for face-to-face communication. The whole paper started with my curiosity as to why people post their most personal information on sites like Texts From Last Night and FMyLife.

Maybe it is time to dust off the senior seminar binders and revisit this topic because I am still interested in it.

So, back to civility on the Internet.

In face-to-face communication, we can watch how our words have an instant impact. We can hear the harshness of our words. We are held accountable for what we say. This is not typically the case on the Internet. To paraphrase one of the presentations, “incivility has an effect just from being read.” You don’t have to even be the subject to be greatly impacted. The lack of responsibility people take for their Internet actions is a severe detriment to our society. It is so easy for people to merely regurgitate what like-minded people say without opening their eyes and ears to that of other opinions.

One concept that these presentation got me thinking about is alienation/competition. In real life and online we are constantly trying to outdo each other. Online it can be a competition about who can post the most, post the most outrageous opinion, post the most scandalous content, post the funniest picture or share the most personal deep dark secret.

Just because you can say basically anything you want on the Internet doesn’t mean you should. Think of yourself and your reputation as a brand and the ramifications of what you post can have a serious and negative impact of your brand. You would be very remiss if you think that potential employers are not going to do their due diligence and research your online personas. Oh, and by the way, nothing is ever truly deleted from the Internet.

When people publish anonymously, it opens a whole other can of worms. Anonymous can do and say what it wants. And that is not necessarily good. Anonymous doesn’t have social or moral obligations and what is said does not have an impact on their relationship.

Anonymity can be good when it allows people to speak when they would otherwise go unheard. Discourse is necessary for the evolution and this could be a way to contribute to life stream of society.

Think about the benefits of what you post. Think about how your audience would react and then think about what kind of impression it would give a stranger. Would you say this kind of thing in a face-to-face conversation? Just because it pops into your brain doesn’t mean it should be typed by your hands and sent into the cyber realm.

Pinterest: Magnetic Makeup Board

Two big activities in one day!

Before starting this blog I created a magnetic makeup board as made famous by Pinterest. Now, I don’t wear a lot of make and I really don’t have that much, but I loved the idea and thought it would be a great way to organize. I started the day by trying to track down a frame that would work. I made one major change to the tutorial I found at http://laurathoughts81.blogspot.com/2011/03/make-up-magnet-board.html…mine is also a chalkboard. I went ahead and got some chalkboard paint and painted the metal sheet(s…had to get two to avoid cutting).

Here is the frame I picked up from Goodwill. In order to get the picture and glass out I used a flat-head screwdriver to bend them upwards. Pulling out the glass was a little difficult.

Here's the frame as I purchased it from Goodwill.

Here’s the frame as I purchased it from Goodwill. You can’t really see the ugly gold and green on the frame.

Next, I went outside and used spray adhesive to stick the metal sheets to the correct size backing. I sanded the frame and proceeded with the first layer of hammed gold spray paint. I wasn’t super happy so I hit it with some of the chalkboard black and another layer of the gold. It created a super fun look you can’t see in the pictures.

Hanging up without makeup.

Hanging up without makeup.

Finally, I used “super magnets” and a glue gun for my makeup. This was a very good suggestion from Laura. It isn’t hard to get the glue and magnets off when the makeup is done.

Finished product!

Finished product!


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Well Hello There!

Hello There! I’d like to take this first blog post on this new blog to briefly write up why I’m writing and what I’m going to be writing about. If you are looking for more in-depth information about my life, my loves, and just me, please check out the “About” section.

I am busy. I am sure the last thing I need is to start a new blog. Yet, here I am. I have a lot going on right now and I think getting back into the habit of writing a weekly blog will help my mind sort everything.

On September 1, 2012, I married my best friend. I know everyone says that, but sometimes it is uncanny how similar we are. We have spent many a weekend night at home just hanging out watching YouTube videos and the like. We have been together just about four years now and have one adorable dog. Cocoe Bean (strange spelling intentional) is incredibly loving…if she knows you.

I currently work in the communications department at a museum and am attending graduate school. I take two classes a semester on top of working full-time. This is a lot of work and I really love my education, but I really can’t wait until I am done. There’s a large part of me that yearns to be a professor when I “grow up.”

Well that’s a very brief rundown of some of the important things going on in my life.  If you have any questions or suggestions for me, you can reach me at bridgyxpotato (at) gmail (dot) com.


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